ROENTGENPROM produces all the range of modern medical X-ray engineering. All our equipment has good engineering and operation characteristic and is made with our own production capacity. Next it is a concise description of our production.

   You may contact us by telephone (495) 742-40-90, (495) 742-41-60 or by e-mail .


Universal X-ray digital devices:

Stationary line of equipment “ProGraph”:

  • "ProGraf-5000 isp. 1"
  • "ProGraf-5000T"
  • "ProGraf-7000T"

Mobile X-ray rooms:

  • KRP-C-KAMAZ on the basis of chassis KAMAZ-43118 and ProGraf-5000
  • KRP-C-Trailer trailer-based and ProGraf-5000



Stationary digital scanning fluorography ФМцС-ПроСкан 

  • "ProScan-2000"
  • "ProScan-7000"

Stationary digital matrix fluorography with X-ray protective booth:

  • ProMatrix-RP isp. 1
  • ProMatrix-RP isp. 2

Stationary film devices:

  • 12f9-RP (70 mm film)
  • 12f9-RP (100 mm film)

Stationary digital device on the basis of scanning devices FmcS-ProScan:

  • on the basis of chassis KAMAZ-4308, KAMAZ-43114, ISUZU NQR 75P, HYUNDAI HD78 etc.
  • trailer-based

Mobile digital booth on the basis of matrix devices ПроМатрикс-РП:

  • on the basis of chassis KAMAZ-4308
  • on the basis of chassis KAMAZ-43114

Fluorography digital devices of box stacking:

  • ProMatrix-RP in box packing ("ProMatrix-4000")

Fluorography film devices of box stacking:

  • 12f9-RP in box packing (70 mm film)
  • 12f9-RP in box packing (100 mm film)


Stationary digital mammograph:

  • Mammo-RPs
  • Mammo-RP with system for digital mammography CR

Stationary film mammograph:

  • Mammo-RP

Mobile digital mammographic booth:

  • KMPC

Mobile film mammographic booth:

  • KMR


Special equipment:

  • Mobile point of the medical examination (PPMO)


   ROENTGENPROM creates medical informative systems and program products for medical preventive automation. Our company with doctors and different organizations developed:

  • Program products for all our production including ProScan, ProGraf, Mammo-RP. When it’s necessary our software can be integrated in every modern medical system. Our specialists created “X-ray information system ProPIKS”, which may integrate different medical devices.
  • X-Ray information system “Ariadna”, which writes, holds and analyses X-ray photograph, and also hold information of reception office, personnel department etc.
  • Automated workspace for doctor of ultrasound investigation – program is used for examination of patients in ultrasonic diagnostics room, including all description of internals, their sizes, regional nodes and surrounding tissues by standard methods.