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The company ROENTGENPROM was established in February,19 ,1996 and in a few years became one of the biggest producers of X-ray medical equipment in Russia. ROENTGENPROM is unique company in Russia, which produce wide spectrum of medical X-ray equipment developed in our company. Because of that our company has technology, which allows producing all types of instruments:
• X-ray;
• Photofluorographic;
• Mammographic.

From year to year all these technologies are improved and developed and it promote further growth of possibilities in production and modernization of our equipment.

Our main goal is development and creation of modern X-ray medical high-quality and harmless equipment. So in 2002 our company ROENTGENPROM was the first one, who developed, introduced and certified (certificate SGS Switzerland SA, ISO 9001:2000) the system of quality management, which consist design, development, production, delivery and maintenance of X-ray medical equipment, including mobile cabinets.

Our company consults radiologists, commercial houses interesting in our technologies.Thinking over Perfect quality of customer service and efficiency of delivery and erection of equipment

As of today our company produces and distributes over 2000 units of our production. Our customers are:
• Medioprophilactic Institution of Public Health Ministry of Russia;
• Ministry of Defence;
• Interior Ministry;
• Federal Security Service.

We distribute our equipment to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Morocco, Moldavia, Mongolia, Poland, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Chile.

ROENTGENPROM is subsidiary company of AMIKO.